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Injectables & Fillers at Vitalogy Wellness & Med-Spa.

Which Injectables & Fillers Do We Offer?

Dr. Sultan offers Restylane Fillers, Dysport, and Sculptra Aesthetic by Galderma.  All injectables distributed by Galderma have undergone extensive clinical studies, are FDA cleared, and follow strict safety guidelines. Visit to sign up for instant rebates today.

The Restylane COLLECTION Of HA Fillers includes:

Restylane & Restylane-L – Original product and improved product enhanced with lidocaine (anesthetic to make treatment more comfortable) – FDA cleared for wrinkle reduction in the face and lip Enhancement

Restylane LYFT – FDA cleared for face and hands

Restylane Contour FDA cleared cheek filler – Volume out.. Contour in (also used to define and contour jawline and chin)

Restylane KYSSE for LIPS – long-lasting (FDA cleared to last up to 1 year) natural solution for shaping lips and adding volume

Restylane Silk – First FDA approved filler for lips and mouth ( minimize fine lines above the lips and below the lips)

Restylane Defyne – FDA cleared for the use of chin augmentation and for correction of deep wrinkles and lines

Restylane Refyne – FDA cleared to soften laugh lines (minimize nasolabial folds)

Are Restylane Fillers Safe?

Yes, Restylane injectables are medically safe. The Restylane family of fillers are made of a crystal clear injectable gel composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that already exists in the body. Restylane fillers are non-animal based and free from animal protein. Allergy pretesting is not necessary.

Are Restylane Fillers Reversible?

Yes, Restylane products consist of hyaluronic acid and are absolutely reversible. Dr. Farah Sultan can reverse any HA filler with Hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid (can reverse HA Filler)

How Long Do Restylane Fillers Last?

Restylane fillers can last anywhere between 4-months to 12-months or longer. Depending on which Restylane filler Dr. Sultan uses and what area is being treated, age, lifestyle, and how much product is being injected, can determine the approximate duration of filler results. Everyone is different and results vary from patient to patient. Talk to Dr. Sultan about your customized injectable treatment plan and what to expect. Discuss your treatment goals and consider combining Restylane Fillers with Sculptra Aesthetic (2 year non HA filler) for long lasting results.

Medical Terms Often Used In Aesthetics:

Anesthetic – a medication (or “treatment”) that reduces pain

Dermal filler – a material that is injected underneath the skin to smooth wrinkles and restore volume

Hyaluronic Acid ( within HA Fillers) – a naturally occurring sugar, found in the body that gives the skin moisture, volume, and elasticity.

Hyaluronidase – an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid (can reverse HA Filler)

Lidocaine – a commonly used local anesthetic to numb the skin, see “anesthetic”

Nasolabial folds – the medical term for the creases that run from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Commonly known as “laugh lines”

Tear Trough – Medical term for under-eye area (tear trough filler to counter dark circles and hollowness)

Topical –a cream or ointment applied to the top of the skin, affecting only the area to which it is applied – usually used when discussing anesthetic (numbing cream)

Marionette Lines – The lines run vertically between the mouth and chin – Restylane Defyne helps smooth out deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines) as well as enhance chin projection

Touch-up – an additional injection of dermal filler or neurotoxin such as Dysport that is usually given a short time after the initial injection. (2-3 weeks later) Some patients may require a touch-up treatment to achieve the desired result.

What Is Dysport And What Does It Do?

Dysport by Galderma is an injectable neurotoxin much like Botox and Xeomin. Neurotoxins temporarily minimize frown-lines, foreheadlines, and crow’s feet. Dr. Sultan can also use Dysport to perform an eyebrow lift or lip-flip. Results can last 3- 5-months and kick in within 2-3 days of treatment. Dysport is not a filler, so no volume is added with this injectable.

Why Choose Dysport?

Dysport: Fast acting. Long-Lasting. No Downtime. Natural Looking Results. Dysport is approved in 69 countries5 and has 25 years of clinical experience worldwide.

Before and immediately after Dysport and Restylane KYSSE For Lips By Dr. Farah Sultan at Vitalogy Wellness & Medical Spa in Homewood, Alabama
Before and immediately after Restylane KYSSE For Lips By Dr. Farah Sultan at Vitalogy Wellness & Medical Spa in Homewood, Alabama

What Is Sculptra Aesthetic And What Does It Do?

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable poly-L lactic acid that produces a gradual and subtle enhancement to the skin’s appearance by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. Although it is common for patients to assume that nearly all injectables are fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic (often referred to as Sculptra) is not a filler as we know it. It is perfect to pair with HA fillers for even better results and a more youthful appearance. Sculptra Aesthetic has several applications, from smoothing facial wrinkles to augmenting the cheeks. The final results of the treatment will easily last two years, but some people enjoy the final results of the treatment for up to five years. Sculptra Aesthetic Injectable requires initial dose and follow up dose for the same area 4 weeks after first treatment. Sculptra was FDA approved for treatment of facial volume loss in 2004.

Galderma is currently seeking FDA approval for buttocks augmentation. Physicians around the globe have been safely injecting Sculptra to lift, and augment the buttocks for over a decade. Sculptra is currently being used for face, hands, buttocks, hips, and to fill in scars pretty much anywhere.

Why choose Sculptra Aesthetic Injectable?

As mentioned above Sculptra helps your body produce its own collagen and improves the skin’s quality and fullness gradually. Sculptra is long lasting and can be combined with HA fillers to achieve even better results.

Sculptra before and after 3 weeks
Before and after Sculptra injections for volume loss in the face

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