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Acoustic Wave Therapy & P-Shot at Vitalogy Medical Spa

Acoustic Wave Therapy, a breakthrough solution to optimize intimate function in men

Dr. Farah Sultan and her qualified staff at Vitalogy Medical Spa offer high-frequency acoustic wave therapy in a discreet medical setting. Acoustic wave energy helps to break up the micro-plaque in blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and nerve tissues in the penis. The result is improved blood flow to improve and sustain an erection in response to sexual stimulation. Acoustic wave therapy promotes the growth of new healthy nerve tissue in the penis.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Benefits:

    • Improves overall sexual performance
    • Harder, longer lasting erections
    • More spontaneous erections
    • Increases sensitivity in the penis
    • Improved orgasmic function
    • Decreased recovery time between orgasms
    • Relief from Peyronie’s disease
    • Enhanced confidence and overall quality of life

Acoustic Wave Therapy helps male patients who have underlying vascular issues or men that are diagnosed with ED. Men with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity often suffer from vascular ED and are good candidates. Acoustic Wave Therapy may not work for dysfunction caused by a nervous system dysfunction such as anxiety, depression, or multiple sclerosis.

What can I expect during Acoustic Wave Therapy?

    • Acoustic Wave therapy is performed with a hand-held device applied to the targeted area, coated with a special ultrasound gel, to transfer the acoustic waves efficiently and smoothly.
    • The procedure is essentially pain-free, although some men may experience tingling sensations.
    • Each Acoustic Wave Therapy session lasts under an hour from start to finish.
    • For optimal performance, we generally recommend 6-12 treatments
    • Results can last 18-months-24months or longer but are not guaranteed. Maintenance treatments are recommended for optimal performance over time.
    • Acoustic Wave Therapy for men is a safe and effective treatment that is non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free; performed in-office and provides long-lasting results.

Dr. Sultan recommends Acoustic Wave Therapy in combination with the P-Shot to treat ED. The P-Shot can be repeated once or twice annually and can improve overall results of Acoustic Wave Therapy. Our patients should notice an improvement within 3-4 weeks after Acoustic Wave therapy.

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happy Couple on table embracing- Pshot and Wave therapy for male rejuvenation at Vitalogy Wellness and Medical Spa

The P-Shot can help with ED and optimize function in men

P-Shot Therapy is a drug-free, non-surgical, all-natural approach to treating ED. Also known as Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) Therapy, this treatment harnesses the restorative power of your own growth factors to improve the quality of your erections, and overall sexual sensation, satisfaction, and performance.

How does P-Shot work?

Our blood contains platelet rich plasma that contains many “growth factors”. Those growth factors are responsible for important biological functions, such as stimulating stem cells and promoting blood vessel formation. The P-Shot involves separating the platelet rich plasma containing these “growth factors” from the rest of the blood via a centrifuge and then reintroducing them via injections with platelet rich plasma. The P-Shot injection floods the area with restorative blood cells that immediately begin revitalizing the muscle, tissue, and nerves. Your body’s own natural healing growth factors work to improve the health of your erectile tissue, stimulating the formation of new blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis.

P-Shot Benefits:

    • Minimal to no side effects and risks (because it’s derived from your body’s own blood)
    • Natural and non-invasive (drug, chemical, and surgery free)
    • No Discomfort and no downtime
    • Long-lasting results (about one year)
    • No heart-related risks (unlike Viagra and Cialis).
    • Increases sensation, pleasure, and confidence
    • Effectively treats Peyronie’s Disease (curved penis)
    • Makes other therapies like GAINSWave, Viagra or Cialis more effective

What can I expect from the P-Shot?

    • A small blood draw will be required at the office the same day of the procedure
    • Numbing cream containing lidocaine is applied to the penis (procedure is virtually pain-free)
    • Using a specialized centrifuge, our technician will then separate the platelet rich plasma containing the growth factors from the rest of the blood
    • The platelet rich plasma is then drawn up into a syringe and injected into several areas of the penis using a tiny needle and in a way that distributes the growth factors using the healing power within our own body tostimulate the formation of new, healthy blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow and optimized performance.
    • As with all treatments, individual responses to ED therapies vary. Patients may benefit from combining Acoustic Wave Therapy & and the P-Shot for even better results.

If you are interested in learning more about  Acoustic Wave Therapy & the P-Shot, book your discreet consultation with Dr. Farah Sultan today!

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