• Benefits of IV-Nutrition Therapy

    Benefits of IV-Nutrition Therapy

     IV Nutrition Therapy To Improve  Health & Wellbeing  What are the Benefits of IV Nutrition Therapy?  There are many benefits to IV Nutrition Therapy because this method uses an intravenous line to deliver nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds directly into the bloodstream bypassing the need for digestion in the stomach therefore improving absorption and effectiveness. The introduction of customized nutrients and compounds can provide a wide range of health benefits to improve the overall health and well-being in men

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  • IV Vitamin Therapy

    IV Vitamin Therapy

    What is IV Vitamin Therapy?  With  IV Nutrition/ IV Vitamin Therapy, minerals and vitamins are administered into the body through the veins.  Because the vitamins and micronutrients don't need to be metabolized through the gut and intestines they can get into the bloodstream faster and do their job in a more efficient way.  Ultimately, only small amounts of vitamins and micronutrients go to waste with the IV Vitamin therapy method and most of the nutrients are absorbed and used by the body almost immediately. ThisRead more