Introducing Restylane Eyelight! at Vitalogy Wellness


Dr. Farah Sultan now offers Restylane Eyelight to treat tired looking eyes at Vitalogy Wellness and Med-Spa in Homewood, Alabama. 

Eyelight by Restylane is no offered at Vitalogy Wellness and Med-Spa

Tired-looking eyes is a very common problem. Women and men, young and old, we can all have tired-looking eyes, with dark shadows and under-eye hollows – no matter how well-rested we are! A tired look is often caused by a lack of volume under the eyes, in an area that is called the tear trough. A filler under the eye, such as Restylane® EYELIGHT™, may help if you want to brighten up your eyes.

Whoever asked for tired-looking eyes?

Who wants to look tired? Especially when we’re not tired at all, but still have dark under-eye shadows and hollows?

Not surprisingly, according to a recent survey, many people think their tired-looking eyes don’t match how they feel. Others think it makes them feel older than they are.1

“When looking in the mirror, my tired eyes do not correspond to me feeling good.” (Female, 34-44, Finland )1

A lack of volume in the tear trough area is often the cause

Tired-looking eyes can have many causes. They can be due to hyperpigmentation, which colors the skin below the eyes in a darker nuance. Another potential cause of tired-looking eyes are superficial veins.

Often, however, tired-looking eyes are the result of volume loss under the eyes, in an area that is called the tear trough.

When we lose (or simply lack) volume in the tear trough area, it gives rise to a hollowness, a groove, under the eyes. The groove deflects the light and casts shadows onto the skin, leading to dark under-eye shadows that make us look tired and fatigued.

A filler under the eye can compensate for a lack of volume

There are different aesthetic treatments for tired-looking eyes, depending on what actually causes it. A qualified healthcare practitioner can advise you on what treatment is best in your particular case.

However, when it comes to volume loss in the tear trough area, one possible solution is to add volume. You want to reduce the groove, make the area smooth again, with reduced hollowness, so that light can reflect differently from the skin.

What kind of under-eye issues can Restylane® EYELIGHT™ treat?

Who can benefit from a filler under the eye? If you have a lack of volume below the eyes, a groove, it can be treated with an injectable filler under the eye.

However, as explained above, there are many reasons for tired-looking eyes. A filler under the eye might not solve all issues. A qualified healthcare practitioner will know how to best help you. An individual treatment plan, where you don’t only treat the tear trough but also surrounding tissues, might be needed in your particular case

What type of filler under the eye should you use?

A filler under the eye needs to be relatively firm and not so flexible. You don’t want the filler under the eye to float out and flatten over time. Because then you will be back to tired-looking eyes.

Most fillers today are based on hyaluronic acid. It’s a water-binding substance that is found all over our bodies, for example in our skin, eyes and joints.

Hyaluronic acid is constantly broken down and reformed in our bodies, within a day or so. To make it last longer, the hyaluronic acid in fillers has been “stabilized” using a special cross-linking technology. By cross-linking the hyaluronic acid molecules, a three-dimensional matrix is formed, a transparent gel, that can last for months when injected. This makes the filler under the eye a long-lasting solution for tired-looking eyes. Interested in booking with Dr. Farah T. Sultan? Feel free to request your preferred time below.


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