Sculptra Injectable For Face & Body Rejuvenation

What Is Sculptra  And What Does It Do?

Sculptra is an injectable poly-L lactic acid that produces a gradual and subtle enhancement to the skin’s appearance by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. Although it is common for patients to assume that nearly all injectables are fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic often referred to as Sculptra, is not a filler as we know it. It is perfect to pair with HA fillers for even better results and a more youthful appearance. Sculptra Aesthetic has several applications, from smoothing facial wrinkles to augmenting the cheeks. The final results of the treatment will easily last two years on average, but some people enjoy the final results of the treatment for up to five years. Sculptra Aesthetic Injectable requires initial dose and follow up dose for the same area 4 weeks after first treatment. Sculptra Aesthetic is currently FDA approved for the face. (since 2004)

Sculptra before and after 3 weeks
Before and after Sculptra injections for volume loss in the face

Sculptra Aesthetic has been successfully used to limit dimples in the buttocks and upper thighs, and doctors around the country have long been using it to augment the buttocks and to correct hip dips with great results. Galderma is currently seeking FDA approval for Buttocks Augmentation.

Why Choose Sculptra Aesthetic versus other fillers?

As mentioned above, Sculptra Aesthetic Injections help your body produce its own collagen and elastin fiber therefore can help restore a youthful look. Sculptra Aesthetic can  also be used to fill in acne scar and dimples anywhere in the skin. It’s perfect for aging hands too. It lifts, adds volume and smooths skin for 2 years and with yearly maintenance doses even longer.

Is Sculptra Aesthetic Safe for the face and body?

Because collagen is a naturally occurring substance in the body it is not harmful in anyway when injected by an experienced medical professional.  Sculptra Aesthetic acts as a scaffold for the skin holding it up and helping it retain shape. Over time, your skin’s natural collagen levels dwindle leading to the skin drooping and sagging. Increased amounts of collagen will help the skin appear healthy and function better.

When Sculptra Aesthetic s injected into the buttocks, it adds fullness but also boosts the quality of the skin and helps to plump and smooth it. Sculptra Aesthetic stands out as a filler because it helps the skin function better. Increased collagen will help you achieve natural results that allow you to retain natural-looking fullness in your buttocks for about two years.

The primary advantage of this injectable is that it has no side-effects and is long lasting. Sculptra only requires injections and  local anesthesia.  No heavy sedation, no incisions, no downtime or scarring will occur with Sculptra Aesthetic Injections.

  • 2021 New label update allows for immediate use after reconstitution and more convenient administration of SCULPTRA® with the optional addition of lidocaine for increased patient comfort

Can you combine Sculptra Aesthetic Injections with HA fillers?

Yes, it is actually perfect because Sculptra produces gradual results whereas HA fillers such as Restylane produce almost instant results. So you can have your cake and eat it too.

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