• Sunscreen Demystified

    Sunscreen Demystified

    Sunscreen Tips and how to choose the right formula for you! With all the hype about Sun Protection and thousands of options globally, how do you choose a Sunscreen that works for you? Good Question, ultimately it boils down to personal preference, how your skin responds, and what your end goal is.  Chemical Sunscreen has long been popular because it's easy to apply and it is often found in tinted moisturizers and foundations. However, chemical sunscreen is now taking aRead more
  • Shop SkinBetter Science Products

    Shop SkinBetter Science Products

    EXCITED TO OFFER SKINBETTER SCIENCE PRODUCTS   Our team at Vitalogy Wellness & Med-Spa opted to offer skinbetter science because skinbetter science products are purposefully developed and only available through authorized providers. They’re not just another skincare company. They employ accomplished science to create real life results for our patients. We love it and so will you. Register To Buy THE SCIENCE BEHIND Skinbetter Science PRODUCTS   To us, accomplished science represents the deep knowledge and rigorous study of skin and

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